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The term, gamification, means using game-like procedures and features, things like quests, points and rewards based on performance, but used for non-game applications. The point of it is to make boring things less so, which studies have shown that it has a tremendous effect on motivation and increasing engagement.

Savvy fleet managers and those with roles in operations can capitalize on this quirk in human psychology by initiating a scoring system among drivers and field techs on things like the most positive customer comment cards received in a given month, or who cut their idle time the most, who has the fewest hard brakes, who kept to their pre-planned routes, etc.


The key to all this, of course, is that one has to have a way to actually measure this stuff. Spiffs and rewards for customer satisfaction and safe driving are all fine and dandy until someone has to buckle down and sift through notes, spreadsheets, driver logs, and whatever else to figure out the winners.

So what would be helpful would be a handy way to measure driver performance and that automatically crunches the numbers for you, displaying actual performances against your company goals and revealing where improvements can be made or added.

That’s where GPS tracking and analytical software helps. It collects visit, technician, and cost details to improve inefficiencies and productivity. As well it can collect metrics like fuel usage, idle time, driving behaviors, time of jobsite arrival and departure – anything you might use in a game-like competition to get your drivers motivated.  This is real-time fleet monitoring.

Selecting your top performers based on the relevant statistics and then rewarding them becomes easy. Not to mention it also helps maintain safety, track and lower costs, and ensure great customer service.

So, make it a game, and win!