The opportunity

As the world’s largest termite and pest control firm, Terminix helps lead the pest control industry. From their humble beginnings as a start up in Memphis, Tennessee, the Terminix International Co. now provides services for over 1.9 million homes and businesses. And with mobi, Terminix continues to grow and provide the excellent service their customers expect.

The challenge

Terminix had no solution in place to streamline their operations. Too much time was spent on planning long-range schedules and daily routes for their drivers. Not only was this inefficient, it was also prone to errors, which made routes more complicated and harder to navigate. These poorly planned routes were costing Terminix tons of money on fuel from excessive idling and drivers getting lost. With no accurate information to help them see all of this, they were in the dark on their fleet’s daily performance.

The solution

Then they chose mobi’s end-to-end platform to streamline operations and reduce costs. By implementing an economic optimization model for Terminix, mobi identified the following areas to improve on:

  • Balance recurring workload
  • Simplify multi-day planning
  • Improve multi-vehicle routing
  • Understand operational cost and revenue

It was exactly what they needed. With mobi’s plug-and-play installation and scalable Saas platform, they immediately and easily installed mobi software to view all of their operations.

The results

Before, it would take hours to plan multi-day schedules and routes. So much time was being wasted on that task alone that other important job duties were being neglected. But after adding mobi’s products, the workload was distributed evenly, route overlap was reduced, and changes were forecast in mere minutes.

The result? In June 2014, Terminix saved 1,708,745 miles (1,708,745 miles equates to driving across 30,073,913 American football fields) with optimized planning. They saved $956,897 at the federal reimbursement rate of $0.56 per mile for a single month.

And mobi goes a step further: Looking into the analytics, mobi can quantify data by viewing exactly how customers and drivers impact their revenue and cost for any particular day. Terminix can now easily review all of their metrics and immediately see why and where deviations occur between planning and execution. This data will help them continue to maximize their profits.

The conclusion

Not only was Terminix able to reduce operational costs by choosing mobi’s solutions to implement better planning and cost-effective routes, but they also increased productivity for their business overall. Now they save more money and can fit more appointments into each day.

Another plus to using mobi’s GPS tracking: It provides service verification for each visit. So there’s no question as to Terminix’s commitment to providing quality pest control services. Using mobi lets them maintain their reputation as a leader in the pest control industry, while exceeding their customers’ expectations. All while saving money in the process– a win-win.