Senox Corporation

mobi straightens out another business

The opportunity

For 40 years, Senox Corporation has been the leading specialist in the manufacturing and supply of seamless gutter products. Committed to service with their 100-vehicle fleet, Senox fulfills gutter contractors’ needs by providing quality parts combined with speedy delivery. With the extensive knowledge and expertise Senox offers, service providers are satisfied knowing they can depend on Senox Corporation for all of their seamless rain gutter needs.

The challenge

Senox had no GPS solution in place to keep operations transparent and it was challenging to maintain accountability from their drivers. Daily calls to drivers had to be made to ensure operations were running smoothly and on-time. It was hard to tell if drivers were gaining or costing the company valuable time and money since there was no way of tracking driver locations.

With the accumulation of speeding infractions and fender benders, Senox was paying a high amount in car insurance premiums and also losing money from theft of their vehicles and equipment. A solution was needed to effectively | manage day-to-day operations.

The solution

After considering many different companies, Senox decided on mobi’s GPS monitoring solution as the best choice to improve their operations. With the use of mobi’s location intelligence, Senox will be able to:

  • Locate drivers in real-time
  • Automate speeding alerts
  • Recover assets immediately

Chris Chandler, VP of Branch Operations at Senox, was excited about mobi’s location-based solution, noting:

"mobi pays for itself. The implementation was easy and I could immediately log on to ensure deliveries were on schedule as planned."

Another advantage that mobi delivers are daily reports to branch managers to see valuable operational metrics, such as average visit time and speeding reports.

The results

Impressed by mobi’s real-time tracking, Chandler has more visibility into his operations and customer service. He immediately knows where his team is at any time, can make sure they’re spending the right amount of time with customers, and are operating his vehicles safely. Chandler states:

"Before mobi, we had to call and ask drivers how things were moving along… they could be sitting anywhere. Now we can see where our drivers are and where they’ve been."

Senox’s customer service improved greatly. When a customer calls to ask about their appointment arrival, the customer service representative can confidently affirm if the driver is pulling down their street or give a short time-window for their arrival.

The location visibility has also provided insight into fender benders. When Brian, a driver, called to say the was involved in a hit-and run during rush hour, Chandler was able to immediately locate the truck with mobi’s software. It turned out that Brian’s truck had been in the same location for a while. After approaching Brian about the time lapse, he admitted that he had been speeding and hit a telephone pole.

Senox has since set a 5mph limit that alerts managers if drivers exceed the posted speed limit. Increased driver accountability has made for a more transparent and productive business, which is reflected in the decrease of driving incidences and fuel costs. As part of a larger safety initiative, insurance costs have also reduced by more than 30%.

The conclusion

With mobi’s location intelligence to make operations transparent, Senox no longer worries about surprises. Their customer satisfaction, fleet safety and overall productivity have improved, while reducing operational costs. Since drivers know that they are not alone on the road, driving habits have improved and, as a result, Senox also pays less in car insurance premiums. Plus, they can be confident they will retrieve their trucks and equipment if they go missing. With mobi’s help, Senox continues to focus on delivering quality seamless gutter supplies in a fast and reliable manner as promised.