The opportunity

For over 30 years, Quality Catering for Kids has provided USDA-inspected nutritious meals to more than 15,000 clients in child care centers, preschools, child development centers, and adult care centers throughout the Chicago area, as well as other cities in Illinois and Wisconsin. The combination of Quality Catering for Kids’ size and experience allows them to provide hot lunches that are more cost effective than their competitors.

The challenge

With no system in place to track or route their 24-truck fleet, Quality Catering for Kids was having issues with poor employee morale due to excessive overtime. With no way to view which routes were the most efficient, the drivers would take unnecessary detours to make all of their stops. In reality, their routes were not as efficient as they had thought, and the drivers had to work extra hours to arrive at all of their planned stops.

This led to unhappy customers, not only because of late deliveries, but because their meals were not being delivered hot as promised.. Since Quality Catering for Kids had no way to review their daily performance, they had no insight into why their meals were not being delivered on time.

The solution

Quality Catering for Kids decided to implement mobi’s routing solution to reduce windshield time and make timely deliveries. mobi’s solutions would provide Quality Catering for Kids with:

  • Efficient routing
  • Real-time tracking
  • Performance and cost analytics

Lisa England, Operations Manager for Quality Catering for Kids, felt that mobi’s robust platform was the best fit to help improve on-time arrivals and improve customer service:

"mobi’s software is a lot more than dots on a map. The system efficiently plans our days and calculates multi-vehicle routes in minutes."

Additionally, Quality Catering for Kids was in the process of acquiring another company. Since they were in need of capital, England appreciated that mobi provided an option to avoid upfront costs with the implementation of mobi’s software.

The results

Scott Cole, Driver Supervisor for Quality Catering for Kids, noticed immediate results after the introduction of mobi’s solutions. Cole was able to immediately see his drivers and their routes, as well as any unplanned stops. When a customer complained of a late arrival shortly after deploying mobi’s software, Cole was able to view the live map and see that Michael, driver, was not following his planned route. He was actually driving in the opposite direction of his intended route.

Cole used mobi’s tracking solution to reveal that Michael was using the company vehicle to pick up his son from school. Being a single dad, Michael was not able to have someone go in his place. Cole was fixed with a dilemma to either fire Michael or switch his route with another driver. Luckily, mobi’s routing software quickly recalculated the daily routes and Cole was able to switch Michaels’ route with another driver to ensure a timely delivery and accommodate Michael’s schedule.

With the ability to locate drivers in real-time, Cole no longer worries about missed appointments or where his drivers are during the day. Due to their increased reliability, Cole has seen a growth in their customer base:

"We have added 50 new customers since using mobi’s efficient routing. We would not have grown as fast and as efficiently as we have without mobi’s solutions."

mobi's location intelligence provides Cole with more than just the whereabouts of his drivers. The data collected provides Cole with actionable insight, such as identifying revenue on a corporate or per-driver level. The easy-to-read metrics help Cole understand how operations are impacting the bottom line.

The conclusion

The use of mobi’s products has simplified everyday service operations at Quality Catering for Kids. With the ability to plan out routes in minutes, more appointments are being made, customers are happy with the fast and reliable service, and their drivers no longer have to work overtime trying to figure out their best route options.

More than just GPS tracking software, mobi’s routing solutions provided Quality Catering for Kids with quicker routes that directly influenced their 200% customer growth. With the added time and informa-tion gained, Quality Catering for Kids can now focus on more important things: the prompt delivery of hot nutritious meals.