Rostering Software

Intelligent Field Management

mobi.Resource covers all the bases.  Our rostering software builds an accurate, comprehensive roster that lets you quickly plan and manage your drivers so your company can deliver optimal service.

Identify precisely what your drivers can do, where they can do it, and when they can do…in minutes.

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Benefits of a Rostering Software

  • Simplify long-range planning

  • Deliver optimal service

  • Manage non-continuous shifts

  • Balance job distribution

Features of mobi.Resource

  • Manage Resources

    Easily manage and configure changes to drivers, vehicles, or gps devices.

  • Regulate Geofences

    Manage geofence radius to accurately define points of interest.

  • Rostering Features

    Add or edit drivers, schedule shifts, or quickly make update changes in shift patterns.

  • User Management

    Access to manage internal users for application and alerts directly from within mobi.Resource.

Rostering Software Screenshot: Dashboard Summary

 Data at a Glance

High-level reflection of current drivers, branches, cost models, POIs, vehicles and more.

Rostering Software Screenshot: POI Geofence

 Manage POIs

Directly define points of interest for easy insight to planned or unplanned stops.

Revolutionizing Resource Management

Innovative and intelligent, mobi.Resource also integrates with our other solutions, providing end-to-end optimization for your operation.

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