Mobile Service Application

Digital Aid for Field Techs

Empower your field technicians to deliver superior service from the convenience of a laptop or mobile device.  mobi.Connect streamlines your operations by enabling technicians to manage customer accounts  remotely and also alert dispatchers in real-time if a technician is taking longer than anticipated.

Dispatchers can re-assign jobs to assure on-time arrivals and customers are happy because the field technician is knowledgeable.

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Benefits of a Mobile Service Application

No matter what mobile device your technicians use, if it connects to the Internet, mobi’s field service application provides you real-time visibility into your team’s activities through next-generation applications.

  • Rapid change, real-time response

  • Reduce paperwork

  • Streamline operations

  • Operate cost-efficiently

Features of mobi.Connect

  • Respond in Real-time

    Mobile application easily facilitates communication in the field.

  • Stay Connected

    Guaranteed message delivery in the event of network problems.

  • Device Compatibility

    Easily connects with your technicians’ mobile device.

Mobile Service Application Screenshot: Turn-by-turn Directions

 Mobile Access

Repair schematics, request home verifications, access customer history, run diagnostics, log order status and more.

Mobile Service Application Screenshot: Status Updates

 Streamline Operations

Real-time status updates from field to headquarters keeps operations moving seamlessly.

End-to-End Platform Drives Revenue

As with all mobi software products, mobi.Connect seamlessly integrates with the rest of our platform, providing end-to-end optimization that can improve your ROI.

Go mobi. The possibilities are endless.