Simplify Long-Range Planning

Reducing Mileage, Improving Productivity

How much money could your business save in a year if you had a multi-day planning solution that reduced the number of miles your fleet drives each day?  Imagine an optimization solution so efficient that your in-house personnel no longer needs to devote several days each month to long range planning.

It’s here.  mobi.Plan uses suggestive technology to simplify long range planning.  This optimization feature ensures a rapid ROI and improves productivity.

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Benefits of mobi’s Long range Planning

mobi.Plan saves our clients an average of 20% in miles driven each month. Some clients are reaping a mileage savings as high as 55%.

  • Optimize planning

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce drive time

  • Minimize overtime

Features of mobi.Plan

  • Multi-day Planning

    Simplify your planning efforts with mobi’s suggestive technology.

  • Optimization Profiles

    Custom configurations to optimize your daily plans.

  • Ensure Savings

    Smart technology based on economic profitability.

  • Minimize Risk

    Suggestive technology reduces paper trail and human error.

Long range Planning Screenshot: Map

 Long range Planning

Distribute work across multiple resources and days.

Long range Planning Screenshot: Compare Plans

 Compare Plans

Plan complex assignments at the lowest economical cost.

The mobi Difference

mobi’s cutting-edge software software solutions are helping to revolutionize the optimization of service and delivery across numerous industries. As with all mobi software products, mobi.Plan seamlessly integrates with the rest of our applications, providing end-to-end optimization for your operation.

mobi. 100 million miles saved—and counting.