GPS Analytics

How Did You Do Today and What Can You Do Better Tomorrow?

By turning raw GPS data into actionable information with mobi.Result, you can see how your investments in personnel, equipment, time, and money  are influencing your bottom line.

mobi’s GPS analytics  allows you to see key metrics, such as cost-per-visit and revenue,  and easily identify variances between actual and planned performance.  With reliable, actionable information about your operations, you can discover the impact your customers and drivers have on your revenue and cost for any given day.

Get detailed performance instead of guessing how your team operated today so you can drive improvements tomorrow.

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Benefits of GPS Analytics

  • View detailed cost data

  • Identify revenue per employee

  • Instantly see what went wrong

  • Grow your bottom line

Features of mobi.Result

mobi.Result makes your GPS data usable to understand what really happened and how much it cost you.

  • Detailed Insight

    Hierarchy allows you to drill down from territories into branches and even drivers.

  • Identify Operations

    Detailed driver scorecard shows trip details and plan variance.

  • Determine Best, Worst Outcomes

    Our sophisticated reporting tool provides optimal insight.

  • Drive Improvements

    Identify (un)planned stops and visit duration to determine productivity.

  • Achieve More Profit

    Variances from plan immediately show if resources are achieving capacity or missing the mark.

Location-based GPS Analytics Screenshot: Scorecard Analytics

 Scorecard Analytics

Detailed visual reporting to see exactly how your drivers operate in the field.

Location-based GPS Analytics Screenshot: Plan vs. Actual

 Compare Plan vs Actual

Easily identify variances in plan vs actual operations to determine if resources are achieving capacity or missing the mark.

Improving Operational Execution

mobi’s end-to-end software solutions are digital and modular, allowing you the flexibility you need to incorporate the whole mobi platform, or to choose a single product to integrate with your existing system. As with all our software products, mobi.Result can act alone or in concert with our applications, helping you make crucial business decisions.

mobi. Analytics to drive decisions and results.