Real-Time GPS Tracking Software

Know Where Your Team Is At Any Time

mobi.Locate, our GPS tracking software, is designed to locate any vehicle in your fleet in a moment’s notice, understand if your employees are following your daily plan, and how it’s affecting your bottom line.

Unless you know where your drivers are, you can’t be sure they’re visiting customers, spending the right amount of time on site, and operating vehicles safely.  Our unique platform combines GPS data with your business model so you can instantly see your costs and revenue instead of waiting weeks for the P&L report.

With mobi.Locate, you’re in control of operations, consumption and compliance, and financials.

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Benefits of GPS Tracking

No matter your business size or your industry, mobi.Locate is designed to help you meet and surpass your most challenging requirements:

  • Locate drivers immediately

  • Bill customers more accurately

  • Reduce fuel and labor costs

  • Recover stolen equipment

  • Improve response time

  • Operate a greener business

Features of mobi.Locate

Our unique GPS tracking software offers a wide range of maps, reports, and alerts that go far beyond the typical speeding and idling notifications of other companies. Features of mobi.Locate include:

  • Geofence Exceptions

    Use a geofence radius to report unauthorized use.

  • Identify Daily Stops and Trip Details

    Easily measure customer vs unknown stops.

  • Interactive Maps

    Use street level view for insight into unknown stops.

  • Vehicle Alerts

    Be alerted for Geofence boundaries, off hour usage, speeding, idling, and tampering with tracking device.

  • Unlimited Data Life

    Easily access historical data.

  • Just Plug-and-Play

    Takes seconds to install with no installation costs.

Easy GPS Tracking in real-time

 Real-Time GPS Tracking

Location data enables you to pinpont specific vehicles.

Our GPS tracking software does more than just locate your team.

 Driver Scorecard

See revenue, cost, travel and visit detail.

Innovative and flexible

Innovation is the cornerstone of mobi’s end-to-end platform to support your specific business needs and goals.  As with all mobi applications, mobi.Locate integrates with the full suite of mobi software products and your existing applications.

mobi. GPS tracking that steers you to a more profitable future.