Field Service Insight

Transform Your Data Into Dollars

Our cutting-edge software solution revolutionizes traditional track-and-trace systems by giving managers visibility into the field by displaying actual performance and costs against your company goals. We call this Field Service Insight.

We developed mobi.Insight after hearing from managers across the country. Many of these managers were sorting through reams of raw GPS data to find relevant information to make business decisions. Our clients were looking for something better: a visual tool that could work with GPS to show cost and performance trends. Our visualization software allows you to understand the impact your drivers and customers have on your daily cost and productivity.

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Benefits of Field Service Insight

  • Visibility to business operations

  • Fine tune operations

  • Expand routes or service

  • Grow your bottom line

Features of mobi.Insight

  • Easy Insight

    Sophisticated control tower simplifies raw GPS data into insight.

  • Correlate Metrics

    Understand visit, technician and cost details to improve inefficiencies and productivity.

  • Visualize Trends

    Gain a high-level view of your mobile operations at a glance.

  • Fine-tune Operations

    Improve your mobile operations, manage your equipment and your people, and grow your business.

  • Integrates with other GPS Systems

    Translate any GPS data into valuable and meaningful information.

Field Service Insight Screenshot: Dashboard

 Dashboard Reporting

User-friendly charts, maps, and graphs

Field Service Insight Screenshot: Measure Goals

 Measure Goals

Compare Goal vs Actual performance and cost metrics.

mobi.Insight captures and summarizes the feed from your GPS provider then integrates it with operational metrics about your business. For instance, if you need to know the cost of each stop made by a technician, mobi.Insight integrates raw GPS data with travel time, driver salary, and the cost of fuel.

By crunching the numbers for you, mobi.Insight displays your actual performance against your company goals.  Capturing branch offices, regional territories, district areas, and rolling up through the corporate level, this quick insight reveals where improvements can be made or added.

New Ideas for the New Millennium

Innovative and intelligent, mobi’s software solutions are helping to revolutionize the optimization of service and delivery. As with all mobi software products, mobi.Insight integrates with our other full suite, providing end-to-end optimization platform to improve your ROI.

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