The opportunity

With over 100 years of combined service, Modern & Anderson Services  is the premier home services contractor in Southwest Florida. Thousands of homeowners and businesses rely on Modern & Anderson Services to provide air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, appliance, and refrigeration maintenance. By utilizing 60 service vehicles with 24/7 availability, Modern & Anderson Services never misses a beat with their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

The challenge

Modern & Anderson Services were having problems tracking their vehicles due to spotty device reception. This inconsistent connectivity led to confusion as to who was doing what, especially with such a large fleet. Customers were complaining about no-show appointments, but Modern & Anderson could not explain why or how this was happening. By leaving the business up to a guessing game, service jobs were being lost while vehicle costs were adding up.

Since there was no live map to view their driver’s locations, Modern & Anderson had no way of knowing the drivers positions in real-time. Modern & Anderson was left in the dark due to partial information, costing them valuable time and money. Not only were they in need of a reliable connectivity network, but Modern & Anderson needed a location solution to help them obtain 100% visibility into their fleet operations.

The solution

After careful consideration of all of their options, Modern & Anderson decided to make the switch to mobi. By tracking vehicles with a reliable signal, mobi’s solutions will assist Modern & Anderson with the following:

  • Reliable location intelligence
  • Real-time driver monitoring
  • Built-in analytics reporting
"mobi’s solution gives us the insight and visibility into our daily performance, and how it impacts our bottom line. With the reliability that mobi provides, we can make quick business decisions based on actionable data."
– Lisa Tortora, CFO of Modern & Anderson Services

The results

The use of mobi’s devices, in conjunction with Verizon’s blazing fast 4G/LTE Network, gives Modern & Anderson instant data through reliable connectivity. The operations manager can rely on mobi to locate a driver at any time throughout the day.

Before using mobi’s solutions, Modern & Anderson received complaints about no-show appointments to fix broken air-conditioners, which in Florida, cannot be put off. It was later discovered that the drivers were choosing which scheduled jobs they would complete, and not taking jobs that they thought were too out of the way. Without a GPS solution, Sarah Hyland, Modern & Andersons’ fleet manager, was out of touch with her drivers. The inability for Hyland to see this bigger picture into her field operations had turned her job into a guessing game.

Customers were frustrated that they could not get an explanation for their no-show appointments. This lack of insight was costing Modern & Anderson time and money. With mobi’s reliable GPS tracking solution, the drivers are more accountable, and now arrive to all of their scheduled appointments on time. By enabling instant feedback into her driver’s whereabouts, mobi’s solutions have enabled Hyland to take control over her daily operations.

Impressed with the capability to set up automated reports, Hyland can see appointment details such as the length of time spent during each customer visit. The easy access to the drivers’ daily performance gives Hyland the necessary information needed to see how this is affecting her bottom line.

The conclusion

Since switching to mobi, Modern & Anderson now uses actionable data to gain more visibility into their operations. As a result, Hyland has complete transparency into the location of her drivers, and the flexibility to make changes in real-time.

The use of mobi’s GPS tracking solution means less time spent on the road and more time to complete new jobs. They are able to add 78 service jobs and save 4,000 miles each month, which also saves $9,600 on monthly fuel costs! By using sound insight to make necessary changes, Modern & Ander-son Services has the flexibility to maneuver through their day-to-day operations.