Vehicle Routing Software for Linen Companies

Cleans Up Your Routes

Whether you deliver mats, uniforms or linens to hospitals, restaurants or other service customers, the personal face you put on your service for your customer is critical. Establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship between your staff, your company and your customer is essential in a price-driven market.

Tightening up routes can save hundreds of dollars in variable costs per route per month. But – you can’t just go about rearranging routes any time, any way – there are customer relationships to consider, capacity balancing, and of course the impact on the production plant.

The mobi Difference

mobi’s technology platform is powered by our revolutionary Optimization Platform. One size does not fit all. Each branch can build its own model to address the needs associated with their economic and geographical setting, urban, rural, and other unique attributes.

The result is that mobi’s solutions enable businesses to spend more time on value-added tasks, such as retaining and generating new customers. mobi solutions have enabled companies to serve nearly 30% more jobs per day without an increase in headcount.

Benefits of mobi Solutions

  • Efficient routes to enhance customer service

  • More time for customer care and upselling

  • Design routes considering geography, capacity and job types

  • Dramatically reduce operational costs

  • Monthly, weekly or daily route planning scenarios

  • Model the cost of acquisitions and organic growth

Textile and Linen Delivery

mobi. Solutions as unique as your business.