Field Service Scheduling Software for Medical Transport

Because Arriving On Time Can Be Crucial

The demand for home healthcare services is growing as our population ages and the number of people living with chronic illnesses increases.

Given a patient’s treatment plan, a set of routes for each day of the planning horizon will be determined. Each route can start and end at the nurse’s home station and will meet the obligations outlined in the treatment plan. Reduce the hours of administrative time required to assign and schedule valuable nursing resources. Let your nurses focus on providing the best patient care.

Improving Productivity

mobi can help ease this burden with applications that efficiently manage the resource utilization problem through improved nurse and DME delivery routing and scheduling.

The mobi platform helps with all aspects of home healthcare planning, routing and scheduling including calendar management, creating visibility through multi-day plans, optimally building daily routes and providing real-time appointment booking.

Benefits of mobi Solutions

  • Improve overall patient care

  • Reducing operating costs

  • Reduce time spent creating delivery schedules

  • Provide optimized routes for nurses and DME delivery

  • Align business goals, driver skills, costs, and service level agreements

  • Integrate new customers and geographic regions

Home Healthcare Routing

mobi.  Improving patient care while reducing costs by 20% or more.