Government Resource Planning Software

Increase Productivity Even With A Shrinking Budget

County, Municipal, State and Federal agencies are responsible for some of the largest, most diversified fleets and resource teams in the country.

Governmental organizations must deal with shrinking budgets, while still meeting the obligations of constituents who demand that streets are efficiently plowed, restaurants and buildings are inspected, social services are provided and children arrive safely and on time at school.

Using mobi’s intuitive technology solutions, government organizations can solve resource-delivery and fleet routing challenges with a single solution, leveraging the economies of scale across state or federal contract schedules.

Benefits of mobi Solutions

Texas Government backs Fleet Tracking Software by mobi

Find out how mobi reduced a Texas government cost of operations by 20%.

  • Meet obligations and budgets

  • Dramatically reduce operational costs

  • Reduce carbon emission

  • Monthly, weekly or daily route planning scenarios

  • Assist with schoolbus redistricting

  • Receive alerts to monitor safety and compliance

Government Fleet Management

mobi. Deliver better services with existing resources.