Operational Simulation & Analysis

Know Your ROI, Before You Buy

mobi’s purchase process typically starts with an Operational Simulation & Analysis (OSA) to evaluate the economics of your business. This is followed by detailed deployment planning and data integration. To speed time-to-value, phased delivery options provide a quick path to a self-funding program – a win-win for everyone.

Improve your business and make your customers happier than ever

We understand the business and change management realities, as well as the technical requirements, associated with introducing the best plan for optimizing service delivery. The result is more profit in your pocket.

Operational Simulation & Analysis (OSA)

mobi’s services team quickly models your current business processes during the early stages of the engagement creating a baseline. Then mobi runs a number of scenarios to compare to that baseline. The result is a highly accurate assessment of the cost savings and service improvements that can be expected with a full roll-out of mobi products.

An OSA also provides the ability to explore the effects of different business processes or operating environment changes, such as the impact on business performance by adding large volumes of new customer accounts through strategic acquisitions.

The Implementation Process

Following the initial Assessment, each mobi engagement moves through the following processes:

1. Solution Planning

The Planning stage is typically driven by the results of the OSA. In this stage, we develop an ROI-based business case consisting of a phased integration and a deployment plan.

Our mobi.Services team also delivers recommendations for business process changes focused on exceeding customer satisfaction while achieving business objectives.

2. Solution Delivery

Our mobi.Services team employs a tried and true delivery methodology.

Our team members have years of implementation experience, deep service delivery and industry domain expertise, understand how to navigate strategic partnerships, and have extensive experience integrating mobi solutions with many leading enterprise software and wireless communications systems.

3. Solution Enhancement

mobi offers a range of professional services to ensure that our solutions continue to deliver the maximum possible value.These services range from product upgrades and training to support of major change management initiatives.

Our services also include tuning optimization models using the Operational Simulation & Analysis tools – for ongoing system improvement resulting in improved business performance..osa

4. Training

All mobi.Services team members are experts in conducting hands-on training for our customers. Our training improves job performance by assessing specific areas of customer interaction on which to focus.

mobi’s structured, comprehensive training programs are designed to help your team do their job more effectively. Their efficiency will fit will more profit into your day.

5. Support

mobi support services include designated customer contacts for personal, dependable service and continuity of care. Additionally, we offer an optional 24/7 support center, email access to support personnel and web access to support, for flexibility and convenience.

All mobi products are designed for maximum uptime, with fully redundant hardware and software. The company maintains a dedicated, frame-relay network to operational sites in order to monitor system operations, resolve problems, and install product updates.

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