Deployment Options

mobi offers several deployment options to suit your business needs

Cloud or On-Premise?

What’s the smartest way to get your mobi solution up and running fast? With mobi’s cloud offering, customers can enhance the quality, speed, and efficiency of mobi solutions without the high cost, disruption, and risk of installing and maintaining the system on site.

mobi can also deliver our solutions in other enterprise models to best fit your Information Technology and Operations requirements.

Security and Infrastructure

mobi has made security a high priority for our cloud customers. Best-of-breed technologies from leaders like Cisco and Verisign have been leveraged to insure the highest levels of security.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Intrusion Detections Systems (IDS), Certificates, strict access policies, 128 bit encryption, and private secure bandwidth have been leveraged, again to ensure the highest standards for our customer security requirements. Additionally, formal third party security audits are regularly performed.

World-class Data Center

mobi provides a world-class hosting center. The security, redundancy, disaster survivability, and monitoring services are virtually unmatched in the industry.

mobi. Secure technology.

Features of mobi's Cloud

  • Minimize Risk

    A hosted model has much less risk in deployment. Risk areas such as scaling, compatibility with internal infrastructure, and knowledge of product by internal IT staff are minimized. Forecasting costs associated with the deployment and maintenance of a hosted model are also known and fixed.

  • Reduce Disruption

    All backups, disaster recovery, scaling, fault tolerance, and change control management are provided by mobi. Internal IT resources can focus on other mission-critical systems without pulling resources to manage a new application.

  • Low Overhead

    The cloud model shares resources such as software licenses, hardware, knowledgeable support staff, and data center space, the overall operating cost is greatly reduced.

  • Quality Service

    The ability for support staff to provide continuous support and improvement, and to quickly respond to issues is greatly enhanced by access to the hosted model infrastructure. mobi resources possess high levels of domain knowledge that cannot be leveraged in a traditional internal IT deployment.