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Real-time reports on drivers

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Better fleet management with GPS tracking

Tracking the activity of a company’s mobile assets using GPS technology is an essential step for any business owner or operations manager looking to gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on when their vehicles are out there on the road. The improvements to efficiency, customer service, and operational costs are huge, and come with only a marginal investment. Geolocation technology is cheaper than ever before, and due to the breakthroughs in cloud computing, very smart people are working to bring unprecedented levels of sophistication to small, medium sized, and enterprise level companies. Real-time and historical reporting on drivers delivers better fleet management. If you’re not using GPS tracking, you should.

How It Works.
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the communications of space satellites and terrestrial units. The Global Positioning System is mainly funded and controlled by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD). The operation of the system is based on the principle of trilateration, that is the exchange of location related data between the unit on the ground and three different satellites above. The GPS unit on the ground pushes (i.e. "sends") the position of the device as well as other information, like speed or vehicle trouble codes, at regular intervals to a determined server using a built-in cellular or satellite connection. There the data can be instantly analyzed and displayed to managers via a secure website.


How It’s Used.
This vehicle data is used by fleet managers or business owners to get a clear picture of what is going on, either in real time or historically. This information can then be used to better establish execution plans, and then to monitor mobile workers in order to help them use their time more productively and be more responsive to customers. Providing maximum value with a variety of assets and numerous resources, all possessing their own unique skills while spread over a widespread geography, is a major challenge to any services provider. In this highly competitive age, where speed is always a major factor, utilizing GPS tracking technology is how to get and then maintain an edge.

The benefits one can expect to see using a GPS tracker depends very much on what is being done with the data collected. Companies like mobi are leading the field in providing GPS processing power to produce insight and analytics with clear benefits to the user. The average mobi user can expect an increase of global efficiency by 15-25%.

How Difficult Is It To Use?
Adding a fleet monitoring system to your mobile workforce is a simple process. Plug N’ Play devices are simply inserted directly into the on-board diagnostics port of the vehicle. Once done they start transmitting data right away. Then, with a web-based application, or fleet management software tool, collecting and organizing the data is mostly an automated process. Having an idea of goals and aspirations before beginning this process can go a long way in terms of giving one some direction when sifting through the enormous amounts of data that can be collected. The benefit of software sold in a modular fashion, with computing and visualization features that can be added or subtracted as one sees fit, is that it’s possible for a manager to get all that they want and nothing they don’t. That’s important from a cost perspective, as well as simply not wasting time poring over details that don’t matter.

Concern over costs of implementation is understandable. But don’t miss out on the fact that a solution of this type is not something that’s just bought, per se. It’s an investment. Fleet tracking will eventually pay for itself. If your vehicles are excessively idling, monitoring software can tell which vehicles are, and for how long, how often, where it regularly happens, and even if it’s happening right now! If a $50,000 truck gets stolen, mobi can help locate it for you. If an employee is using a company vehicle for side jobs, now there is a way to find that out. A handy tool to get an idea of how much money would have to be invested and then the expected return visit the ROI Calculator.

 If you’d like someone to talk you through the steps involved, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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The Trick To Lower Costs and Safer Driving Is Gamification

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The term, gamification, means using game-like procedures and features, things like quests, points and rewards based on performance, but used for non-game applications. The point of it is to make boring things less so, which studies have shown that it has a tremendous effect on motivation and increasing engagement.

Savvy fleet managers and those with roles in operations can capitalize on this quirk in human psychology by initiating a scoring system among drivers and field techs on things like the most positive customer comment cards received in a given month, or who cut their idle time the most, who has the fewest hard brakes, who kept to their pre-planned routes, etc.


The key to all this, of course, is that one has to have a way to actually measure this stuff. Spiffs and rewards for customer satisfaction and safe driving are all fine and dandy until someone has to buckle down and sift through notes, spreadsheets, driver logs, and whatever else to figure out the winners.

So what would be helpful would be a handy way to measure driver performance and that automatically crunches the numbers for you, displaying actual performances against your company goals and revealing where improvements can be made or added.

That’s where GPS tracking and analytical software helps. It collects visit, technician, and cost details to improve inefficiencies and productivity. As well it can collect metrics like fuel usage, idle time, driving behaviors, time of jobsite arrival and departure – anything you might use in a game-like competition to get your drivers motivated.  This is real-time fleet monitoring.

Selecting your top performers based on the relevant statistics and then rewarding them becomes easy. Not to mention it also helps maintain safety, track and lower costs, and ensure great customer service.

So, make it a game, and win!

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The Top 5 Best Reasons to Use Fleet Management Software

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If you own a fleet of trucks, or even just a few delivery vehicles, then you definitely need a vehicle tracking system in place for your drivers.

The most cost-effective and time-saving strategy you could add to your business? Fleet management software.

Here’s a list of 5 reasons why you need it for your company:

1. You’ll save money. Gas isn’t cheap. Knowing idle times will help you save on fuel costs.
2. A better schedule for delivery time. Which also means better customer service for each of your clients since you can tell them exactly when each driver will arrive.
3. It’s more efficient. Each route will be planned out ahead of time for each of your drivers. No more getting lost and wasting time.
4. Better driver safety and insurance. Monitor speeding and pull up each driver’s record when you need it.
5. Lastly, it’s smarter for your business. Having a connected fleet with up-to-date technology is a win-win for improving your business and staying on top of your game.

Want to bump your business’s revenue up and cut costs? Call mobi.

We’ll show you exactly what kind of fleet management software you need – we’ve got a lot to choose from too. Call us at 512.617.5300 or leave a note.

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Why Your Delivery Business Needs to Go Paperless

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• Are you still using pencil and paper to keep track of each of your drivers’ deliveries?
• Do you still print out maps for all your drivers when they have appointments?
• Tired of refilling the ink cartridge in the printer because of all the spreadsheets you print ou

It’s time to go paperless.

Whatever your industry, you can benefit from keeping digital records for your fleet. Tracking vehicles can be as easy – you just need the right software.

Using mobi.Locate and mobi.Route, you can have all your data, like vehicle routing, fuel costs, vehicle scheduling, and more, done for you. You can choose to have reports emailed to you, or your fleet manager, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Digital records are more accurate, faster, and won’t drain your resources.

Not a tech savvy person? That’s okay. Your life as a business owner will get so much easier if you start with mobi. Our software is user-friendly, accurate, and easy to integrate with other systems. Not to mention it’s easy on the eyes.

It gets better: Using field analytics can help you reach your business goals. Get the digital edge on your competitors and keep track of your growth with logistics technology.

Goodbye, hole punch. So long, binders. Hello, mobi.

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You Need More Than GPS Tracking to Maximize Profit

Adam Cowart
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Throughout our 17 years of working with fleet companies, we have found one thing to be certain.  As a business with a fleet of vehicles, you need more than GPS tracking to maximize your profit.  That’s why mobi has gone to market with the perfect combination of products:  mobi.Route + mobi.Locate + mobi.Result.

These products work together seamlessly to plan the best routes for your drivers, enable dispatchers to support the drivers while they are in the field with GPS tracking, and finally compare the planned routes to the actual routes your drivers drove in the field.



To start the day, mobi.Route harnesses the power of the optimization engine, which has been saving enterprise customers millions of dollars a year, into an easy-to-use application to plan your driver’s routes in only a matter of minutes.  It’s as simple as entering your planned visits for the day, choosing the goal that best fits your business objectives, entering the number of drivers you have working, and then clicking go.

The mobi optimization engine simulates all of the potential routes that your drivers could possibly take and chooses the best plan based on your business goal.  After the plan has been reviewed and accepted, simply email a PDF version of the routes to your drivers to be accessed on their mobile devices.



We all know that a driver’s day never goes completely according to plan in the service industry.   Long-running jobs, customer cancellations, and emergency orders always happen and must be dealt with accordingly throughout the day.  That’s where mobi.Locate fits into the equation and makes your dispatchers much more effective when dealing with same-day changes.

They can pinpoint the location of any vehicle in your fleet in a moment’s notice, find the closest driver by address, verify proof of service, understand unplanned stops, and much more.  Since you have invested heavily in vehicle assets, field training and staff resources, it only makes sense to ensure your investment.



To close out the service lifecycle, understand that you can’t realize the full savings from optimized route planning if your drivers are not following their planned routes.  mobi.Result compares the plan that was sent to your drivers with the actual route that was driven based on the GPS data from their vehicles.

We present this information in an intuitive map view on the driver scorecard, along with a wealth of roll-up metric reports that can be reviewed at any time.  We provide the information needed to improve operations and coach your team to run as efficiently as possible.  With reliable, actionable information about your operations, you can discover the impact your customers and drivers have on your revenue and cost for any given day.

Plan. Execute. Improve.  With mobi’s unique suite of products, we enable your team to do just that.

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