mobi for Drivers and technicians

More Communication, Less Drive Time

Technicians and Drivers are the primary beneficiaries of an efficient plan. Improved routing results in less windshield time and more wrench time. This directly improves the efficiency of each individual employee.

Work plans can be communicated directly to the field by email, straight to mobile devices, on-line portals, traditional manifests or printouts, which eases the pressures of last minute changes in deliveries or service orders.

Give your drivers access to run diagnostics, download repair schematics, log order status, and request home verifications. With easy access to customer history, drivers can improve customer satisfaction and boost profitability.

Mobile Service Application Screenshot: Status Updates

 Streamline Operations

Real-time status updates from field to headquarters keeps operations moving seamlessly.

Benefits of Streamlining Operations

  • Reduce windshield time

  • Improve field communication

  • Increase safety

  • Increase efficiency

Visibility to field resources through mobi’s location-based services helps planners and dispatchers meet real-time updates as well as keep the staff safe and secure. Plus, mobi’s optimal route planning allows for flexible starting and ending points to improve visibility.

Drivers are empowered to update information in real time while the information is fresh. This not only reduces paperwork, but also eliminates billing delays and mistakes.

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