mobi for IT Management

Secure, Flexible Architecture

Information Technology management is responsible for recommending, implementing, and managing strategies and solutions for the IT infrastructure.

With the purchase of a mobi product, mobi provides a strong support process from installation to training and beyond. We encourage Technical Analysts and Solutions Architects, if applicable, to review all technical requirements and integration before and during the implementation process.

Also, IT can be assured a prominent and secure hosting environment is being utilized. Minimal additional IT skills are needed to maintain our systems, reducing the burden on staff.

Furthermore, mobi provides 24 x 7, 365-day support to answer questions quickly and professionally.

Rostering Software Screenshot: Dashboard Summary

 Data at a Glance

A high-level summary of current drivers, branches, cost models, POIs, vehicles and more.

Benefits of Patented Technology

  • Deployment options

  • Reduce disruption

  • Low overhead

  • 24/7 support

Our suite of patented solutions complement existing enterprise applications, by providing powerful functionality without the direct costs of managing the hardware and software infrastructure.

Simply by reducing driving miles, your organization contributes to the greening of the environment. In addition, mounting legislation will eventually require organizations to comply with emission standards. Take advantage of this EcoValue now.

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