mobi for Dispatchers and Planners

Smooth Operations

The dispatcher is on the front line. To keep operations working smoothly, the company must provide tools required to execute and meet business goals.

There is pressure to ensure that all of the orders are routed, loaded, and distributed on-time, and to manage last minute changes to deliveries or services. The key is to plan efficient deliveries while balancing customer service.

Dispatchers can use our service scheduling software and other tools to help design, execute and monitor multi-stop field service plans. mobi’s suite of solutions includes planning, routing, dispatching and GPS tracking systems designed to make service or delivery operations more efficient.

Dispatch Software Screenshot: Job status and map

 Intelligent Dispatch

Real-time command center to see who’s running behind and who’s on time.

Benefits of GPS Tools

  • Rapid change, real-time response

  • Cost-effective route adjustments

  • Improve on-time arrivals

  • Increase customer satisfaction

See where your drivers are at any time, day or night

Our software allows flexibility to create optimal routes needed to meet every daily challenges, while balancing customer service needs and time window commitments. Now you can manage exceptions and use decision-support tools for dispatch to reduce complexity.

Our suggest-and-assist dispatch software provides you with real-time updates and alerts so you can know in advance if a driver is falling behind schedule. This same tracking also maximizes your daily service by letting you know when a technician is available for more work.

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