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The American Dream Is Closer Than You Think

Rebecca Teng

The “American Dream” just got a whole lot closer to reality: meet Joe the Plumber.  Joe is the star of mobi’s new feature short, The American Dream.  Our team here at mobi has been hard at work over the last several months, writing, editing and creating this new animated short to bring to life what mobi is all about.  Located deep in the heart of Texas, in none other than the capitol city of Austin, we follow Joe’s story as he utilizes mobi’s planning, location, and analytic software solutions to grow his company from a small business into a thriving enterprise.


It’s easy to see how mobi’s solutions streamline Joe’s day, from planning employee schedules to finding cost efficient routes, so Joe can focus on what’s really important like building his company.  With mobi, Joe is also able to easily adjust for unplanned changes, know where is his team is at any time, as well as evaluate business and employee performance.  Not only is mobi saving Joe time, but also ensures his operational decisions are cost-effective.

Here at mobi, we like to keep things as simple and down to earth as Austin itself.  Let mobi help you straighten out your business (and your life), to bring you a peace of mind and to take your company to the next level.  If you haven’t already, pay Joe a visit and see how mobi’s location-based solutions has given Joe the balance he was looking for (and we’re not just talking about his bank account).  Then check out our ROI calculator to put into perspective exactly how much you could be saving with mobi.

Give mobi a call today at 1-877-943-9433.  You have got nothing to lose, except maybe the American Dream.

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Converting Your Service Operations into Revenue Gains with mobi

Christina Ibarra
Categories: field-service

Service operations have become an important revenue source for many companies.  In an unpredictable economy, providing quality service can even the playing fields of both your company and industry as well as support productivity when actual product movement is slow. Many service companies deliver similar products, but what earns routine business at the end of the day is the best customer service and treating a customer with care as opposed to a slightly more advanced product with no interest in what the consumer wants.  When this happens, profitability becomes a matter of increasing efficiency and reducing operational expenses in order to yield gains.

According to Transforming Service into a Revenue Machine, 58% of organizations were managing service for profit rather than for cost in 2012. The report also shows that the amount of overall revenue driven by service operations stands at 39% and is expected to rise an additional 9.8% within the next year, aligning with the fact that customers are valuing the caliber of service they receive more with time. This shows that a focus on service for returns allows companies to see a substantial pay off in customer retention and revenues instead of new customer acquisitions.  A few more ways of driving more service-based profits are through contract renewals, cross-selling, upselling, and warranty renewals.

Organizations with the highest performance in the service sector have achieved success by identifying key business areas within their company to improve.  Such solutions designed to improve these key business areas involving field service operations encompass many business and logistical facets including mobility and management of knowledge and performance as mentioned, as well as planning, routing and real-time GPS tracking. By using advanced technologies and concentrating on these aspects, service organizations are able to boost sales and customer loyalty while improving efficiency and profitability, reducing operational costs and capitalizing on revenue-generating opportunities.

Cue mobi. In this constantly shifting economy with ever-changing business needs, mobi’s outstanding service, cost-effective products and modular approach make it easy to meet your company’s unique needs and measure results. Use mobi solutions as part of your strategy not only to achieve increased performance and revenue competitive advantage, but improve first time fix rates that lead to higher customer retention.  Management instantly knows the impact that customers and drivers have on their revenue and cost for any given day, and can also identify who is exceeding expectations and where training might be helpful for others.  Each business is unique and has its own challenges, but providing quality service is proving to be the competitive advantage.

For information on mobi’s field service solutions and analytics, visit

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