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mobi’s Software as a Service now available on Verizon’s Wireless Network

Liz Ivey

Companies with field operations face daily challenges in keeping their mobile workforce and assets operating at peak efficiency.   mobi’s modular software as a service (SaaS) is now available on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network.  Verizon Wireless customers can take advantage of mobi’s powerful solutions to route, track, and analyze their field operations.


mobi has pioneered a dollars and cents approach to making you and your customer’s day easier, more efficient, and more profitable.  We are increasing business efficiency in a number of industries that use a mobile workforce, and customers typically report a 15-20 percent reduction in costs, with some saving millions of dollars each month.

No matter what your company’s goals are, our scalable software solutions will support your specific needs and give you a competitive advantage.

Learn how “mobi's Software as a Service Drives Intelligent Field Operations”:

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How To Get The Competitive Edge In Field Service

Rebecca Teng
Categories: field-service

There’s no doubt that there is always room to improve your company to take it to the next level in service. The world of service and technology is rapidly progressing and as 2014 swings into full gear, so are field service companies. While you may have new ideas and goals that have already been set, don’t overlook one more aspect that can really put your company on top, and it may just be the most important: the right field service solution.

Simply taking that first step of acquiring field service software can give your company an edge. According to Field Mobility 2014, 30% of companies are currently using field service software, leaving the other 70% in the dust in the competitive race for service excellence. Companies who are utilizing such software have reported 70% improvement and improved customer services through the ability to gather real-time data and keep their mobile workforce on task. As the use of field service software is expected to increase in 2014, the reported number one feature companies are seeking is ease of use, followed by ability to customize and integrate the system.


This is where mobi comes in. mobi can give you the competitive edge against other customer service companies through our expertise and refined knowledge on field service solutions and analytics. mobi currently offers ten distinct products to improve the most important aspects of your company. Using mobi’s scalable platform, you not only have the ability to locate your fleet, but you’re also able to calculate cost-effective routes customized to specific business goals, dispatch effectively when things don’t go according to plan, and use analytics helps you see where and how improvements can be made to grow your bottom line. No matter what aspect of your company you’re trying to improve, mobi has a product to suit your needs.

Don’t wait, get your own field service software now and get ahead of the game to help grow your business. For information on mobi’s field service solutions and analytics, visit

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