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mobi’s Software as a Service now available on Verizon’s Wireless Network

Liz Ivey

Companies with field operations face daily challenges in keeping their mobile workforce and assets operating at peak efficiency.   mobi’s modular software as a service (SaaS) is now available on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network.  Verizon Wireless customers can take advantage of mobi’s powerful solutions to route, track, and analyze their field operations.


mobi has pioneered a dollars and cents approach to making you and your customer’s day easier, more efficient, and more profitable.  We are increasing business efficiency in a number of industries that use a mobile workforce, and customers typically report a 15-20 percent reduction in costs, with some saving millions of dollars each month.

No matter what your company’s goals are, our scalable software solutions will support your specific needs and give you a competitive advantage.

Learn how “mobi's Software as a Service Drives Intelligent Field Operations”:

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You Need More Than GPS Tracking to Maximize Profit

Adam Cowart
Categories: gps-tracking

Throughout our 17 years of working with fleet companies, we have found one thing to be certain.  As a business with a fleet of vehicles, you need more than GPS tracking to maximize your profit.  That’s why mobi has gone to market with the perfect combination of products:  mobi.Route + mobi.Locate + mobi.Result.

These products work together seamlessly to plan the best routes for your drivers, enable dispatchers to support the drivers while they are in the field with GPS tracking, and finally compare the planned routes to the actual routes your drivers drove in the field.



To start the day, mobi.Route harnesses the power of the optimization engine, which has been saving enterprise customers millions of dollars a year, into an easy-to-use application to plan your driver’s routes in only a matter of minutes.  It’s as simple as entering your planned visits for the day, choosing the goal that best fits your business objectives, entering the number of drivers you have working, and then clicking go.

The mobi optimization engine simulates all of the potential routes that your drivers could possibly take and chooses the best plan based on your business goal.  After the plan has been reviewed and accepted, simply email a PDF version of the routes to your drivers to be accessed on their mobile devices.



We all know that a driver’s day never goes completely according to plan in the service industry.   Long-running jobs, customer cancellations, and emergency orders always happen and must be dealt with accordingly throughout the day.  That’s where mobi.Locate fits into the equation and makes your dispatchers much more effective when dealing with same-day changes.

They can pinpoint the location of any vehicle in your fleet in a moment’s notice, find the closest driver by address, verify proof of service, understand unplanned stops, and much more.  Since you have invested heavily in vehicle assets, field training and staff resources, it only makes sense to ensure your investment.



To close out the service lifecycle, understand that you can’t realize the full savings from optimized route planning if your drivers are not following their planned routes.  mobi.Result compares the plan that was sent to your drivers with the actual route that was driven based on the GPS data from their vehicles.

We present this information in an intuitive map view on the driver scorecard, along with a wealth of roll-up metric reports that can be reviewed at any time.  We provide the information needed to improve operations and coach your team to run as efficiently as possible.  With reliable, actionable information about your operations, you can discover the impact your customers and drivers have on your revenue and cost for any given day.

Plan. Execute. Improve.  With mobi’s unique suite of products, we enable your team to do just that.

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How To Get The Competitive Edge In Field Service

Rebecca Teng
Categories: field-service

There’s no doubt that there is always room to improve your company to take it to the next level in service. The world of service and technology is rapidly progressing and as 2014 swings into full gear, so are field service companies. While you may have new ideas and goals that have already been set, don’t overlook one more aspect that can really put your company on top, and it may just be the most important: the right field service solution.

Simply taking that first step of acquiring field service software can give your company an edge. According to Field Mobility 2014, 30% of companies are currently using field service software, leaving the other 70% in the dust in the competitive race for service excellence. Companies who are utilizing such software have reported 70% improvement and improved customer services through the ability to gather real-time data and keep their mobile workforce on task. As the use of field service software is expected to increase in 2014, the reported number one feature companies are seeking is ease of use, followed by ability to customize and integrate the system.


This is where mobi comes in. mobi can give you the competitive edge against other customer service companies through our expertise and refined knowledge on field service solutions and analytics. mobi currently offers ten distinct products to improve the most important aspects of your company. Using mobi’s scalable platform, you not only have the ability to locate your fleet, but you’re also able to calculate cost-effective routes customized to specific business goals, dispatch effectively when things don’t go according to plan, and use analytics helps you see where and how improvements can be made to grow your bottom line. No matter what aspect of your company you’re trying to improve, mobi has a product to suit your needs.

Don’t wait, get your own field service software now and get ahead of the game to help grow your business. For information on mobi’s field service solutions and analytics, visit

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What's life like at mobicorp?

Rebecca Teng

Take a peak into where the creative minds of the mobi.Team make the magic happen. Located in the heart of the fastest growing tech center in the U.S., we're more than just a software company -- at mobi, we're a group of friends and a team of employees that build kick-ass solutions.

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The American Dream Is Closer Than You Think

Rebecca Teng

The “American Dream” just got a whole lot closer to reality: meet Joe the Plumber.  Joe is the star of mobi’s new feature short, The American Dream.  Our team here at mobi has been hard at work over the last several months, writing, editing and creating this new animated short to bring to life what mobi is all about.  Located deep in the heart of Texas, in none other than the capitol city of Austin, we follow Joe’s story as he utilizes mobi’s planning, location, and analytic software solutions to grow his company from a small business into a thriving enterprise.


It’s easy to see how mobi’s solutions streamline Joe’s day, from planning employee schedules to finding cost efficient routes, so Joe can focus on what’s really important like building his company.  With mobi, Joe is also able to easily adjust for unplanned changes, know where is his team is at any time, as well as evaluate business and employee performance.  Not only is mobi saving Joe time, but also ensures his operational decisions are cost-effective.

Here at mobi, we like to keep things as simple and down to earth as Austin itself.  Let mobi help you straighten out your business (and your life), to bring you a peace of mind and to take your company to the next level.  If you haven’t already, pay Joe a visit and see how mobi’s location-based solutions has given Joe the balance he was looking for (and we’re not just talking about his bank account).  Then check out our ROI calculator to put into perspective exactly how much you could be saving with mobi.

Give mobi a call today at 1-877-943-9433.  You have got nothing to lose, except maybe the American Dream.

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The Growing Trend of GPS Tracking: Does it make sense for your business?

Rebecca Teng
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According to the 2014 Fleet Management Technology Report, only 45% of businesses currently use GPS tracking to enhance their business. The numbers are lower than expected, considering our lives are rapidly transforming into a world run by technology. So what’s holding back the other 55%? Is it misconceptions or costs? Or is the majority bandwagon unaware of the benefits? It turns out there are a variety of reasons why many companies have yet to adopt a telematics solution, coupled with simply being uninformed on the benefits and ROI that GPS software can bring.

With the addition of any new asset to a company come concerns. With the adoption of a GPS tracking solution, the top concerns of service fleets were that their “drivers would hate it”, the software is a hassle, the software isn’t worth the money, or that all software is the same. But the truth of the matter is the benefits greatly outweigh the costs and concerns. Not only does GPS software come with tangible benefits such as cost savings, reduced idling, time savings, and reduced pollution, but GPS adoption has its intangible benefits as well. You’ll find that with the visible numbers come gains such as improved efficiency and productivity, accountability, employee safety, customer service, and overall bottom line performance.

To give you an idea of just how much you can save, consider a fleet of 25 vehicles. Assume that 1 hour of idle time equates to 1 gallon of gas at $3.60 per gallon. By reducing vehicle idle time from 1 hour per day to just 20 minutes per day, you could be saving $2.41 per vehicle per day. That’s $72.30 per vehicle per month. Take into account your entire fleet, and that’s $22,000 in savings per year from simply reduced idling, one of the many benefits that comes with a GPS solution. Less idling means less pollution, more stops, and ultimately, more money in your pocket; a win-win for everyone involved.

The use of GPS tracking also aids in the recovery of stolen assets. An article published by Auto Fleet revealed that an average of two vehicles are stolen every year with most fleets and are only able to recover less than 50% of their assets. The costs accrued from this percentage can add up on average from $1,000 to $5,000. This amount can severely dent a small startup and can create major setbacks. Besides this initial financial loss, insurance premiums can rise as a result of this loss. With the use of GPS tracking, not only are assets more likely to be recovered, insurance companies offer a discount on premiums with the use of the technology.

What every manager is most concerned with is, of course, the Return on Investment, which takes time. Around 66% of fleets reported to expect full ROI after 1 year or more and 34% reported to expect full return in 6 months or less.


Lucky for you, mobi has got you covered. Head over to our ROI Calculator to see exactly how much mobi’s solutions can save you based on your specific fleet, and how long until you see the ROI. mobi’s suite of products are customizable to every aspect of your business, whether you’re looking to visualize long-range planning, minimize route overlap, or simply take the first step of adopting a GPS tracking solution that will improve your bottom line.

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Data Foundry Chosen as One of mobi’s New Data Center Facilities

Liz Ivey
Categories: in-the-news

mobi is pleased to announce the newest addition to our data center facilities: the Data Foundry Texas 1 facility. Data Foundry, established in 1994, is a wholesale data center outsourcing, colocation and disaster recovery provider. Supporting over 1,000 enterprise customers, Data Foundry also manages global data centers worldwide, including in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. The flagship Texas 1 branch now partnered with mobi, happens to be a next door neighbor to us, keeping the partnership homegrown and truly Austin.

mobi provides location-based software solutions delivered by way of a SaaS (service as a software) model, for companies centered around field service. mobi's powerful tracking, routing, and analytics help to deliver higher customer satisfaction, while driving down business costs and increasing productivity. mobi is a leading provider to several large Fortune 500 companies and was seeking a secure, robust data facility.

Data Foundry was chosen after careful evaluation of several other data center facilities around Austin. After a valuable tour of their purpose-built data center, the decision was clear that Data Foundry was the right choice. The knowledgeable engineering team and sound infrastructure of Data Foundry fit the demands of mobi’s expanding business needs, including a reliable power source, network services, cooling, and security. Additionally, Data Foundry’s 24/7/365 monitoring and well-rounded support staff provides mobi with the security we need, knowing that our facilities under control and that our applications are constantly available.

We are excited to begin this new cooperation with Data Foundry at this state-of-the-art facility as we continue to expand our business and continue to serve our customers. For more information on how mobi can assist your business, visit, or give us a call at 1-877-943-9433.

Read the full press release here:

For more information on Data Foundry, please visit

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Converting Your Service Operations into Revenue Gains with mobi

Christina Ibarra
Categories: field-service

Service operations have become an important revenue source for many companies.  In an unpredictable economy, providing quality service can even the playing fields of both your company and industry as well as support productivity when actual product movement is slow. Many service companies deliver similar products, but what earns routine business at the end of the day is the best customer service and treating a customer with care as opposed to a slightly more advanced product with no interest in what the consumer wants.  When this happens, profitability becomes a matter of increasing efficiency and reducing operational expenses in order to yield gains.

According to Transforming Service into a Revenue Machine, 58% of organizations were managing service for profit rather than for cost in 2012. The report also shows that the amount of overall revenue driven by service operations stands at 39% and is expected to rise an additional 9.8% within the next year, aligning with the fact that customers are valuing the caliber of service they receive more with time. This shows that a focus on service for returns allows companies to see a substantial pay off in customer retention and revenues instead of new customer acquisitions.  A few more ways of driving more service-based profits are through contract renewals, cross-selling, upselling, and warranty renewals.

Organizations with the highest performance in the service sector have achieved success by identifying key business areas within their company to improve.  Such solutions designed to improve these key business areas involving field service operations encompass many business and logistical facets including mobility and management of knowledge and performance as mentioned, as well as planning, routing and real-time GPS tracking. By using advanced technologies and concentrating on these aspects, service organizations are able to boost sales and customer loyalty while improving efficiency and profitability, reducing operational costs and capitalizing on revenue-generating opportunities.

Cue mobi. In this constantly shifting economy with ever-changing business needs, mobi’s outstanding service, cost-effective products and modular approach make it easy to meet your company’s unique needs and measure results. Use mobi solutions as part of your strategy not only to achieve increased performance and revenue competitive advantage, but improve first time fix rates that lead to higher customer retention.  Management instantly knows the impact that customers and drivers have on their revenue and cost for any given day, and can also identify who is exceeding expectations and where training might be helpful for others.  Each business is unique and has its own challenges, but providing quality service is proving to be the competitive advantage.

For information on mobi’s field service solutions and analytics, visit

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Fix It Right The First Time

Rebecca Teng
Categories: first-time-fix

You’ve heard it over and over again, “The customer is always right.” And when your business model is selling services where field employees interact one-on-one with customers’ daily, customer service and those relationships are vital to growing your bottom line. It’s a no brainer - keeping your customers happy equates to more dollars in your pocket, and a happier, more profitable business all around.

One of the key impacts to any field service organization’s overall success is their first-time-fix rate. According to Aberdeen’s 2013 Field Service research, 17% of organizations do not measure or are not even aware of their first-time-fix rate. On average, 25% of all service calls require at least one additional visit to resolve customer issues. While you may be thinking that number is reasonably low, when you calculate the cost of the average service visit at $200-$300, the statistic doesn’t look so great anymore.

So where are employees going wrong during these visits that are requiring a second, or even a third visit? According to Aberdeen, 51% of respondents stated that the most common reason an issue was not resolved on the first visit was simply not having the correct service part. The result of an unresolved visit ultimately impacts metrics for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So what can be done and how will a higher first-time fix rate impact your organization? The obvious one is revenue will climb. Since revenue growth is greatly attributed to sales and renewal of service contracts, failure to resolve the issue the first time diminishes the likelihood of a returning customer. Productivity is another metric that will increase. With 45% of organizations stating that increased productivity is among their top service goals, this one area of your business plays a key role.
The Aberdeen Group suggests these steps toward a more productive and profitable company:

1. Better diagnosis at the dispatch/initial call level
2. Improved field-based access to parts (including mobile access to inventory)
3. More intelligent scheduling (based on technician skills and customer time preferences)
4. Improved training (on-the job training or the use of specialized tools)

In the end, the difference between a good business and a great business is 25% of service calls requiring an additional visit, which can be brought down with preparation, planning, and mobi.


Incorporating mobi’s suite of products, each of these strategies can be tackled with ease. Using mobi.Appointment, the suggest-and-assist feature schedules the right technician to the right job, based on time availability and technician skills. With mobi.Connect, streamline operations by keeping field technicians up-to-date on customer history, inventory, and job status, updated in real-time across all devices. mobi.Dispatch gives you visual insight into who’s on-time and who’s running late. Notify customers of expected arrival times or unexpected delays.

Each of mobi’s modular products seamlessly connect to your existing applications, giving you the ability to select applications that support your specific business needs and goals. All installed with seamless plug-and-play integration, mobi’s suite of products work together to bring you the maximum benefit that will take your business to the next level. Straighten out your business (and your first-time fix rate) with mobi.

To see how much money mobi could be saving for you, check out our ROI calculator. For information on mobi’s field service solutions and analytics, please visit or contact your local representative.

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mobi Collides with SXSW Interactive

Liz Ivey

Here at mobi, we’re serious about two things: helping customers improve their business and having fun.

This year, mobi teamed up with Verizon Wireless, Shango, and HireBetter to bring you our second annual Interactive Party and launch mobi’s video premiere of The American Dream starring Joe the Plumber. We also had live music from local bands, Ashes of Babylon and O Conqueror, top-notch Austin barbecue from Kerlin BBQ and a breathtaking view, courtesy of mobi’s 16th floor patio of the One American Center, right in the heart of downtown Austin.

We kicked off the night with our VIP guests, to learn more about how mobi can help improve field service. But it didn't take long until the downstairs lobby was packed and lines were wrapped around the building with folks itching to get upstairs. Guests enjoyed beverages courtesy of Deep Eddy Vodka, and local beer provided by Twisted X Brewing Co., Capitol Beverage, and Austin Ale house. This year, mobi even had an interactive photo booth to commemorate the night with our own life-size weeble. Here are just a few of our favorites!


We hope our guests enjoyed the night at mobi’s Interactive party. Visit mobi’s Facebook Album to check out more photos from our photo booth! Even though SXSW is over, mobi is still here to answer your questions and improve your business. Whether you’re looking for software solutions or to have a great time in Austin, mobi has got you covered.

For more information on mobi’s field service solutions and analytics, visit

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