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How to use GPS Software to Improve Customer Service

Adam Cowart

When most people talk about GPS fleet tracking, they focus on the cost benefits that it provides for the fleet itself.  While all very important, it can be argued that reducing driving, speeding, and off hours vehicle usage should not be the focal points for an operations team.  What about using GPS software to improve customer service?

According to Aberdeen’s research in State of Service Management: Outlook for 2013, it was found that organizations that reached a 90%+ customer satisfaction rate achieved an annual 6.1% growth in service revenue, 3.7% growth in overall revenue, and an 89% level of customer retention.  This shows that focus on customer satisfaction could lead to a greater increase to the bottom line than a focus on reducing fleet costs.  Fortunately for business owners, GPS tracking software allows the operations team to focus on improving customer service, while enabling the fleet management team to focus on increasing employee efficiency and decreasing vehicle costs at the same time.


In Aberdeen’s Secrets to Optimize Field Service for Better Customer Experiences, Aly Pinder states that “the Best-in-Class [service organizations] have also prioritized shortening the response time in order to ensure that the right technician gets in front of the customer as quickly as possible with the end result of issue resolution.”  With GPS tracking software, dispatchers can achieve the goal of shortening the response time to a same-day customer service request by knowing the precise location of field techs in real-time.  A dispatcher can simply enter the address of the customer and be presented with the list of the closest drivers to that technician, to make the informed decision of who to send to the customer.

Thus far we have focused on how GPS tracking can improve customer satisfaction when used on the day of service.  It also provides a wealth of information to allow operations managers to ensure drivers are doing everything they can to provide a great customer experience.  The precise location and duration of every stop a driver makes can be reviewed to verify that they are spending enough time at the customer’s site for a great experience.  Finally, the arrival time of all stops are tracked and can be compared to the time window that was promised to the customer, to verify that the driver arrived on-time.

When evaluating the benefits of GPS tracking software, don’t forget to take into account the importance of increasing customer satisfaction.

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Planning for Productivity and Profit

Liz Ivey
Categories: routing-software

When your field technicians head out to work each morning, are they offered alternative routes or do they take the same route every day?  There are many paths to get from point A to point B, but what if there was a route you could take every day that could save you 1/3 of your travel distance?

Businesses face multiple challenges every day with high volumes of customer orders to prioritize and organize, employees to manage, increasing fuel costs, fitted time windows, traffic conditions, and changing road closures. Combining all of these circumstances represents a considerable obstacle to the efficient running of your field service. To be more profitable, it is necessary to optimize your route planning strategy. The outcome results in better efficiency and reduced costs for you, while delivering better service to your clients.

Over time, innovations in technology have advanced routing software to become highly developed in calculating the greatest route for service and delivery companies with the maximum economic gain. Compared with a conventional map from twenty years ago, route planning software enables you to quickly determine how to get from point A to B and save money in seconds.

mobi Advantage

Daily and multi-day route planning gets more jobs completed per day versus a job randomly driven to various points within a day. By cutting down on miles driven, you can save on fuel costs, use fewer employees, and prevent wear and tear on your vehicles. You not only save more money, but you provider greener field service. Plus, business owners can make confident business decisions while having the satisfaction and accountability at their fingertips to know they are operating efficiently.

Planning for potential changes in the future and for the unexpected has never been so simple. By creating and developing routes using data, we decrease daily route time to focus solemnly on strategy. These are the many benefits and advantages gained from planning solutions.

We can all agree that taking the wrong path can not only cost us more money in the long run, but it can also cause us to re-plan our entire task. What if you could predict costs based on how you want to run your daily operations as a business?  Maybe you want the lowest cost per visit. Or maybe you want to reduce costs based on technicians over a specific time period. mobi’s technology calculates the economic impacts before you make them.

The goal is clear: advance routing software can reduce operating costs while saving you time, money, and effort. You make your customers happy with more efficient and prompt deliveries with fewer delays. Operating an efficient fleet that meets customer service expectations begins with proper planning. With advanced route optimization, you can work smarter, not harder.

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Are You Ready for Some Football?  Maybe we can't tailgate, but we can celebrate.

Special Invite mobi.Party on Sept 19, 2013.  Don’t forget to wear your team spirit!

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Product Launch


mobi is changing the game with GPS analytics. Are you making or losing money? Now you have the power to see how your team is performing and how it’s affecting your bottom line.

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Improving Safety on the Road

Liz Ivey

As a business owner or parent, there’s concern when your vehicles are on the road without you. You’re loaning a vehicle on good faith that the driver will be as careful as you.  But we both know that isn’t always the case.  Improving safety is a concern all around.


Now businesses and parents are looking for ways to monitor their vehicles when they can’t be in the vehicle. One solution is installing a GPS tracking device that easily plugs-in to most vehicles. Once the device is quickly installed, you can instantly track your vehicles. Depending on the solution, you can receive alerts for speeding, idling, or unauthorized use.

It’s becoming so popular that AAA Texas and USAA are currently offering special programs with free plug-in devices for parents to monitor their teens’ driving behavior.  The data collected is strictly to improve safety on the road.

As one USAA Member states, “Your parents are lending you a $10,000 to $15,000 investment.  They deserve to know where I am.”

Read the full story here:


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Awesomeness at F1 Austin

Liz Ivey

What does the Austin Formula 1 Grand Prix and mobi have in common?  Verizon.  mobi was specially invited by the Verizon Partner Program (VPP) to join them in their Hospitality Suite on turn 19 of The Circuit of the Americas.

At Saturday’s qualifying session, it was impressive to watch Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel take pole position in just the first few laps, while other drivers were fighting the clock.  Clearly, he was a force to be reckoned with.  Vettel not only started on pole, but he held his position to victory with a 9-second lead at one point in the race on Sunday.  He dominated F1 Austin.


Vettel had 1st place locked down.  Lewis Hamilton, in his special Michael Jackson helmet for Mercedes, just lost the win the previous year to Vettel in the last few laps and everyone was hoping for a tight race between Hamilton and Vettel.  Unfortunately, Hamilton couldn’t hold his podium position and finished 4th.

Lotus driver Romaine Grosjean and another Red Bull driver Mark Webber were fighting for 2nd place.  Webber hoped that he could close out his final year with an F1 win, but it slipped through his fingers and he finished 3rd.  Grosjean was the 2nd fastest and held his position for the win.


The Red Bull racing team did exceptionally well with two pole positions.  Vettel finished 1st and congratulations to him for setting a new record – eight consecutive F1 wins.   Incredible.

A huge thanks to Verizon and their awesome business team, especially in Dallas and Austin, for one of the best ways to watch F1.

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